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A lot of questions may come up during the hiring, staffing, and recruitment process from the employers and the employees. We at VMake Career have compiled some of the most common staffing questions and their answers to ease the overall process.

What kind of services does VMake Offer?

VMake Staffing offers a comprehensive range of solutions designed to optimize our client partners’ staffing spend. From headcount evaluation, turnover analysis, safety reviews, and efficiency improvement plan to traditional temporary and contract staffing recruiting and placement, outsourcing, and human resource consulting.

Whether you are a potential employer or a potential employee, our platform can help you connect with a large number of candidates and organizations seamlessly.

What are the benefits of choosing VMake Career?

We employ thought process in everything we do and pledge to adhere to a code of ethics and best practices—most of which deal with employee relations. Moreover, because we promote legal, ethical, and professional practices for the staffing industry, its members are kept abreast of the latest developments in labor and employment laws and human resource best practices. Our form encourages high standards of ethical conduct in dealings with employees, clients, and competitors.

What are the factors that differentiate your services from other firms?

The main factors include knowledge and expertise in what they do, tools used to perform the services, and the quality of services delivered. We continuously learn and upgrade to stay in touch with all the trends and developments, but never forget about the basics. It is our commitment to provide solutions for today’s companies facing the challenges of cost-effective management of the workforce while maintaining a high level of productivity.

What safety can you provide to my company and me?

We measure the value of our service in part by our ability to provide quality employees that generate an ROI with safety-conscious performance. By working together, all employees will be vetted appropriately and orientated on the various contingencies that may arise when working with any organization.

What are the rates and overall charges?

Rates are determined by each client’s unique staffing requirements, expectations, and factors. Our Business Development Consultants are experts in discovering your needs and business objectives, which will help you define the right investment for your staffing needs.

What is the average response time a client can expect when requesting an employee?

Clients can expect to be contacted for consultation within 24-hours after requesting to be contacted online.

We take time to response each and every client personally, because we put our clients first and clients’ satisfaction is our top most priority.We have experienced staff  to assist you and help you meet your business needs.We act with utmost integrity.We respect our staff and colleagues.

Why should I use staffing services instead of filling the position on my own?

Our team of recruiters nationwide continuously works for you, sourcing, screening, and presenting qualified candidates. We do this every day, which gives us the edge in vetting out employees who will do the job for you. Our job is to recruit for you while maintaining production, increasing profits, retaining and developing staff, and taking care of your customer needs.

How does the screening process work?

At VMake Careers, we have a dedicated screening and evaluation procedure that all candidates must undergo before they are offered any assignments. All candidates are interviewed, screened, and tested, and we require at least one work-related references. To further ensure a candidate’s viability, there are optional background screening procedures available for our clients.