Connecting professionals with great opportunities in a variety of industries

VMake career is a group of experienced, enthusiastic, and dedicated IT veterans with close to two decades of experience in leading, managing critical hiring projects for some of the Fortune 500 Companies that Include Wipro and IBM. Our expertise lies in enterprise strategy, planning roadmap advisory, and delivering cutting-edge solutions to clients’ hiring requirements.
The team working with us are highly passionate about delivering tremendous value to their customer and enjoys connecting with people. Our strict focus on recruitment solutions allows us to remain agile and deeply engaged.
We have worked with clients ranging from retail to the hospitality industry and cater to diverse business segments’ staffing requirements. Not only do we have the resources, skills, and knowledge to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of your operations, but we also assist you in managing and getting the best human capital out there in the market.

Vision Statement

We believe in employing thought and being recognized as the premium lead recruitment agency and staffing company worldwide. We aim to do this by establishing never-ending relationships with our clients through quality services to help businesses achieve higher success.

Mission Statement

We believe that success is a journey, not a destination, and only with an excellent workforce. As an organization, we aim to create better opportunities for people while providing a tailored solution to each business. We aim to lead in creating and delivering innovative and cost-effective human capital that enables clients to win in today’s throat cut competitive landscape.

Our Culture

VMake Career focuses on a culture that fosters collaboration and teamwork. We recognize that employees are the foundation of any company, and we encourage our employees to be leaders while providing continuous training and growth opportunities.

We encourage hard work, determination, and dedication in a professional environment.

Information Technology

The world of information technology is constantly moving, and we move right along with it. IT is part of the backbone of our company. That’s why our clients trust us to bring us the best in IT talent.
From the front end to the back end and everything in between, we have opportunities where you can use your technical skills to make a big difference for our clients – and your career.