Jump-start your career!
Recruit, Retain, Develop
& Enable

Take the leap
Empower your businesses with compatible and productive resources.


Jump-start your career!
Recruit, Retain, Develop
& Enable

Recruiting the best talent globally
We deliver exceptional and quick staffing solutions for businesses operating
in a diverse range of industries.


Jump-start your career!
Recruit, Retain, Develop
& Enable

Seamless Hiring Solutions. Excellent Results.
Connect with hundreds of employers, and secure a job that best matches
your objectives.


Jump-start your career!
Recruit, Retain, Develop
& Enable

On-Demand, Contract, Temporary & Full-Time.
Connect with hundreds of employers, and secure a job that best matches
your objectives.

About VMake

VMake career is a group of experienced, enthusiastic, and dedicated IT veterans with close to two decades of experience in leading, managing, and expediting critical hiring projects for some of the Fortune 500 Companies inclusive of silicon-valley giants, Wipro and IBM. Our expertise lies in enterprise strategy, innovative staffing solutions, planning roadmaps advisory services, and delivering cutting-edge solutions to match the clients’ hiring requirements.

Vision Statement

We believe in employing thought and being recognized as the premium lead recruitment agency and staffing agency worldwide. We aim to do this by establishing never-ending relationships with our clients through quality services to help businesses achieve higher success rates with better turnarounds.

Mission Statement

We believe that success is a journey, not a destination, and only with an excellent workforce. As an organization, we aim to create better opportunities for people while providing a tailored solution to suit each business’s needs.
We enable our clients to take the penultimate lead in today’s cut-throat and volatile market landscapes from the infusion of intuitive, cost-effective, and dynamic human capital.

Find Work

In the hunt for a new job?

We make it happen! Reach out to us with your resume,
and we will find a position that aligns with your career goals.

Find Staff

Can’t hire full-time staff to fill vacant positions in your
company or hunting people in a competitive market?

We are here to help

How We Stand Out?


We provide reliable contractual
support services to organize your
human resource and have worked with
multiple industries. Our solutions
are geared to help you attract, hire, retain, and train your respective industries’ best resources globally.

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At VMake Career, we have a
solid reputation for providing
skilled and highly professional staff.
We are responsive and aims to provide consistent service to all of our clients. We recruit only the best employees that are the right fit for your business.

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Our team consists
of highly experienced employment
consultants who are well-versed in
employee placement and can
match your businesses
with the right

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    our happy client’s

    "It was getting difficult to get a job during the pandemic, and VMake made it possible within a week."


    "We were lucky we found them. They are very professional and helped me filled a lot of vacant positions in my company"


    "The people are very accommodating and completely understand the nature of hiring and different industry. The experience has been amazing"


    "I have worked with several staffing agencies, and honestly VMake is the one I recommend"


    our client’s